Students from August Kitzberg High School tried their hand at Thai Cuisine

We are from August Kitzberg High School (August Kitzbergi nimeline Gümnaasium), which is located in Karksi-Nuia, Viljandi county, in the southern part of Estonia. There are 325 students and 40 teachers in our school. The school offers a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities. Sports are of great importance, for example, the world famous discus thrower Märt Israel and American football player Margus Hunt have graduated from our school. We also have an active student council who recently organized Maailmaöö (“The Night of the World”) for 7th-12th grade students.

Maailmaöö gave students a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge through a more innovative approach such as evening lectures and fun workshops led by professionals. As the name hints, the topic of our event emanated from foreign cultures and travelling, with an aim was to discover the world. One of the most popular workshops proved to be a Thai cuisine during which the students could take a closer look at this region’s food and culture. Thailand’s kitchen was introduced by a professional chef at the restaurant Vaga Mama. They showed our students different techniques how to make various Thai dishes and later all students could create their own dish. When the food was ready, it was time to eat it. Everything tasted delicious! This kind of project had never taken place in our school before and the students loved it!



Mondo-Maailmakool-ja-Eesti-Arengukoostöö-300x90August Kitzbergi nimelise Gümnaasiumi Maailmaöö projekti toetas MTÜ Mondo Eesti Välisministeeriumi rahastatud maailmahariduse projekti raames